Conflict Version


We rarely observe conflict version file whereas we often work on same files (30 people).
Could you tell me the exact processus that will lead to generate a conflict version ?

Case 1 - For instance, it seems that if a file is opened on a mac user A and in meantime an other user B modifies this file and save it , and then the user A saves his file, by then the modifications from user B will be lost … is it the expected behviour from seadrive ?

Case 2 - An other case concerns directory, if a file is opened on mac user A in directory D1, meanwhile a user B removes directory D1 and moves the file to another directory D2, then when the user A saves his file, it creates again directory D1 to put the file from user A. …is it the expected behviour from seadrive ?

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PS : 90% of our Mac do not have anymore SOPHOS
PS 2 : Last post from Dario tell that they did not have unexpcted behaviour on Mac and they have so kept SOPHOS on their mac.

Case 1: The modifications of user B should be saved to conflict file. And, if you’re opening MS Office files, with MS Office, an opened file is automatically locked. So other people cannot edit it. This is a pro feature though.

Case 2: This is the normal behavior.


Thank you for your fast answer.

OK, so in case 1, you confirm we should have a conflict file generated ? This is so a bug.

Also, we use Microsoft Office on Mac to open files and we can have 2 users opening and modifying files in same times.



Generating a conflict file in this case is not a bug, but normal behavior. Otherwise there is no way to save both versions.

If you’re using the Pro server, note that it could take about 30 seconds before the locking information is synced to other clients. If you intentionally test it, you may be opening the file too early on another computer. So it’s still not locked locally.


Thank you for answers.
The point is that in case 1 we do not have any conflict file generation so we have indeed lost our modifications. The bug is that seadrive has not generated conflict version, where as you have just told me , it should have.

We do not have (yet) the Pro Server.

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Hi Celine, can you please contact my company datamate by email: (we are European distributor for Seafile).

Sorry I think I was confused between the behavior or SeaDrive and sync client. In SeaDrive there is indeed no conflict files generated for this case. Currently file locking is the only way to avoid this situation. Even though the file version can still be found in the file history, we’ll improve the behavior in future versions.

Thank you. That is good news that this will be improved because that causes a lot of data lost. As far as our previous cloud (NextCloud) is concerned, we were used to get conflict versions.

  • Do you know in which timeframe this behaviour will be improved ?
  • Also is is plan that the lock/unlock function be in the free seadrive function ?

This will be done in two months.

I’m sorry but we don’t have plan to make it in the free version. It requires Pro server.

Thank you for your fast answer.