Connect Seafile Docker Container to FreeNAS

I created a Kubuntu 18.04 VM and installed seafile docker container.

I am connected to my FreeNAS server via a 10 gig card

I am sharing via SMB

The share is mounted using fstab to /media/user/smbshare

How can i use my FreeNAS smb share to store the data of my seafile docker container?

Thanks in Advance

iirc you should be able to mount that smb share on the host OS, and then mount that directory as a volume

Can you please post the container’s logs?

Thank you for your response.
Where can i find the logs and which one would you like

In docker you have to use the docker logs command. For work like the tail command you can add -f (like tail -f) and --tails x (like tail -nx)

Edit: Example: docker logs --tails 10 container_name