Connecting ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to Seafile

Hello everyone,

From version 6.2, ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors can be connected to Seafile accounts to edit documents and collaborate on Windows, Linux, and Mac!

Some features available in version 6.2 are:

  • Digital signatures
  • Password protection
  • Data validation
  • Table of figures
  • Slicers for pivot tables
  • New functions in spreadsheets and many more

Here’s how to connect ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to Seafile.

Step 1 . Open the file and add the following line:


Step 2 . Launch Desktop Editors and switch to the Connect to cloud section at the left side panel. Click on the Seafile icon.

Step 3 . Enter your Seafile server domain name or IP address and click on Connect now. Log in to your Seafile account.


Hope this info will be helpful for Seafile users.


@Vlad Thanks for the info!
What is the minimal Seafile Server Version required? How is the connection made? WebDAV or native Seafile API?


It is not working with Seafile Pro 8.0.0. Login into Seafile just gets me into Seafile and OnlyOffice acts like a browser. Clicking an Office Document throws an internal error, but that is a Seafile issue not able to display Office files correctly.

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Hello, sorry for the late reply. The compatible versions 7.1.12 Pro or 8.0.4 CE. In Desktop Editors you just click on the Seafile button to connect your account.

Hi, try version 7.1.12 Pro or 8.0.4 CE of Seafile Server for correct connection.

I’m using Seafile 8.0.7 CE and I can’t get this to work. Does it require you NOT use the OnlyOffice Document Server? All it does for me is open firefox and open the Document Server.