Continue upload after connection broken (browser)?

I know that I did see the command to activate this function that the user can continue upload something where it was broken if for a example the connection goes down or something, so they don’t need to upload the hole file again.
Also is it some kind of auto-clean regarding this? I was just thinking if some user maybe are “spaming” this function does the server clean it up?
Or is this taken from the user storage quota?

But I can’t find how to activate this function?

Afaik the feature is only available in the Professional Edition. And it looks like there is some kind of cleanup as my folder is not spamed with data and I’m pretty sure I’ve aborted downloads before (e.g. by closing a tab) without continuing them later.

For setup see

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I understand, it’s a great future.
Is it easy to upgrade to pro version from GE?
I don’t want to loose my data.

I have not done it, but look likes pretty straight forward and you won’t loose data. Backup still always recommended :slight_smile:

You can get 3 user licensen for free, but over that you must buy license.

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is this still only available in the Pro version? Or does it also work in CE?

I think so.

Ok, maybe @daniel.pan can answer this quastion?