Controll sync file

hii all
can I sync just my select files.
I have many larg files, that this not usebility.
I want controll that wich files sync to client such as (Desktop for windows, linux, Android,etc)
seafile can controll it?
I can’t contoll this in owncloud :neutral_face:

You can sync subdirectories of libraries, but not specific files.

But you don’t even need to go that far, you could just create a library for those big files and just keep it in the server.

From seafile help center:

Seafile uses “libraries” to organize your files. A library is a top level container for a set of files and folders. You can create a library for each project you work on, or each document type you want to save in Seafile. A library works mostly like a top level folder. But it also has some special properties:

  • Each library keeps its own file modification history. There is no global file modification history across all libraries.
  • Each library can be synced to desktop clients separately. You can choose which libraries to be synced.