Copy empty folders

The same problem here
Basically, a client has a folder structure, including files and some empty folders. They will copy that folder structure to different places on Seafile server.

However, the empty folders are ignored. They were not copied to Seafile.
Is there any setting that “forces” to copy empty folders?


Support of empty folder was added a long time ago. Can you try to restart the client?

Sorry if I was not clear, but I am not using Seafile client. I am just drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer to Seafile web GUI. Tried to use Upload on web GUI too, but empty folders are still ignored.

This is most likely a Browser issue.

Likely? :slight_smile: Definitely not. I tested on a Windows 7 Pro machine, Chrome browser. Then a Mac High Sierra and a Mac Mojave. Both Macs tested with Chrome and Firefox browsers. The same issue. Empty folders are ignored.

And that’s why i said:

Since all your tested browsers have the same problem. But i’ve tested it with OneDrive and the empty folders were created, so it should be possible to detect empty folders and create them inside Seafile too.

So, is it a bug in Seafile? @daniel.pan Can you verify, please?

Uploading an empty folder was not supported by most browsers a few years ago when we written the code. For example, only Chrome let you select a folder using an upload button. So we don’t handle empty folders yet.