Create a permanent share link (not based on path)


I would like to create a permanent link to share a file to people without accounts. My problem is that a share link point to a given path, if this path change (ex: parent directory is renamed) the link is dead.

Can I create a share link that is bounded to a file without any reference to is path ? (does each file is stored internally with a unique identifier ?).

I really need this feature, so if it’s not directly possible, can I imagine some other ways to achieve this ?
I can modify the seahub code, I’ve done it by the past and I know it pretty well now.

Thanks !

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It is not possible with Seahub as is. But as long as you keep the history of your library you can reference the data. Seafile internally has a data structure similar to git. I think the best way to figure out the details for how you could add it is having a look at how one can currently download a file from the history.

A link looks like this.

You can either change the share feature or add an option to share a specific file which will be referenced by commit id & path.

What you have to consider is, when you delete a file and have set a history limit it can be removed while running the garbage collector.

A different approach would be copying the file to a special library.

Hi, thank you for your answer !

If I have well understand you say that I can refer to a file via his commit_id and path, but it’s always the same content (I need to follow a file even if it’s content change), and I would like to refer without the path (because the path can change).

For now I’ve just create a script that ‘guess’ the right path of the file I need to share and create a new download link on the fly and then it send it as a 302 redirection.

This does not work with the way described above.

The links to exactly one version of a specific file. Even if that file is renamed or changed later it’ll be the old state of the file.

What you want seems to be hard to implement with Seafile - or at least I might not have a good idea how to it. (With the pro edition, the best I can think of is analyzing the file activity with some background and adjust references when a shared file is moved / whatever).