Create folder on Seafile mobile app

Hi all,

Using the Android app, to upload a file, you can browse libraries and folders to select the folder you want to upload to but you can’t create a new one.

I think the possibility to create a new folder from the mobile app could be a great improvement.

Thank you,


Hi Damien,

Of course the Seafile’s Android app supports creating new folders. It is in the ‘+’ button at the top-right corner.

Hi 1111,

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear.
I agree, you can create a folder using the Seafile app.

However I was talking about the share function of Android.

For instance, when you select some pictures from your gallery and click on “share with Seafile”, a window opens letting you select the folder where you want to upload them. But there’s no way to create a new one from here.

The solution is to exit this window, go back to regular Seafile app, create your folder and share again your pictures. It’s quite annoying and I think a button to create a folder directly from the share window would be useful.


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