Create local files in Read-only Library with SeaDrive.

Our use-case assumes sharing of Read-only libraries but with the ability to create local files. Only on Windows.
Unfortunately, the Drive client is not open sourced and we cannot modify it.
Is it possible to somehow give the user access to create local files? Maybe there is a special server setting?
Or is there a way to use two windows directories (SeaDrive Lib and local cache folder) in overlay mode like union mount on Linux?

SeaDrive doesn’t allow creating files in read-only libraries. But you can use the sync client. You can create files in a synced read-only library. The files won’t be uploaded.

Yes, it can be done this way. But the great think in SeaDrive is on-demand caching. We want to share a libraries with a lot of data and smart sync is the great thing. Using sync client means that user should manually select files. Drive client solve this problem automatically.