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Hi all,

I am running Seafile CE 7.1.5 through docker-compose (based on the docker-compose.yml referred in the documentation).

I was trying to customize the web UI via a custom CSS file, initially based on the focmb/seafile_custom_css_green example on Github (also referred in the documentation), then I tried using @u-alexey’s custom-light-dark-theme-for-7-1-3-ce topic from this forum.

The issue I’m facing is that whenever I specify the custom CSS via's BRANDING_CSS setting the various UI buttons (e.g., New Library, Share, etc.) stop working completely. As in nothing happens when I click them, including no errors in the Javascript console, just plain nothing.

(Other options, such as LOGO_PATH and FAVICON_PATH work fine, also the CSS specified in this way is correctly fetched by the browser as part of the page load process.)

Then I tried applying the CSS via the admin settings (ENABLE_CUSTOM_CSS checked and the actual CSS in the CUSTOM_CSS field) and this works.

I would prefer if it were possible to have this applied via the file though.

So, does anyone have any idea why this might not be working?


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(Sorry, I can’t include links in posts, hence the vague explanations of my sources.)

Hi, as a base i would recommend the datamate seamate css generator
take a look here: