Custom Logo Change Gap to Border

Hi There,

does somebody know if it is possible to customize the gap between the custom logo and the border of the site in a html or config? So that you can make the logo bigger by height and it’ll be still centred on the top block of the site.

FYI: Im running Seafile 6.0.7 Server on Windows Server 2016.

You can use own CSS and overwrite default styles. But if something change by update you have to update your styles.

You have to look for #header height and top/bottom padding. Next you have to change padding-top on and next change padding-top on @media (min-width: 768px) .side-nav

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Ah okay, so it is in my custom.css. I’d thought it’ll be some html or python file. I’ll try it.

So i tried it. That does move my navigation bar or the main content to the top or the bottom. But it doesnt change the position of my custom logo. Maybe i wasnt that clear in my question. I know I cant easily adjust the bottom padding by changing the width and height of the custom logo in my config, but I need to change the top padding of the header on which the logo is set.

Better will be show what you want by some pic. But if I get you right, theres nothing hard to set on #logo margin-top to value which center your logo.

#logo {
  margin-top: 10px;

10px is example don’t know which value need your logo.

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I cant find this value. only:

#logo { margin-right:30px; }

can you tell me the line in the custom.css?

custome.css Is only overwrite for default CSS styles. So if it’s missing add it.

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Ah okay, just tried to be cautious with such adjustments. That helped me out.
For anyone else:
you gotta edit your custom.css on line 1724:

#logo { margin-right:30px; margin-top:<value>px; }

if there is no such variable, just add it.

10px is the default gap to the top border. You gotta change the value of margit-top to about -9px to barely touch the border.

Thanks for helping me out again @holantomas