Custom Notification: Changing "email" to "nickname"

Hi there,

I’m using Seafile Server 6.0.7 on Windows Server 2016.

We are updating the seafile user profile’s of our company’s employees with an attribute import from active directory to the seahub-db. So there is always a nickname and so on every user profile.

Thereby this is worth the effort I want to change the email notifications so it’ll show me the name of who shared a link or an upload link to me when I receive an email notification.

So right now the config it is like:

{{ email }} shared you {{ file_shared_name}} on {{ site_name }}

And the output: shared you a file on Seafile:

I want the {{ email }} to be the nickname. I already tried

{{ email|email2nickname|escape }}

from another article in the forum but that didn’t work.

Can anyone help me out?

Try latest version from github may it will help

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Thanks. That worked for me. I forgot to load in the seahub_tags.