DAMN! Nextcloud SUCK!

Well, yeah it sucks.

I did try it because it did have a function that you can mount a SMB Share and add it in the cloud.
And yuck! it’s slow, and it’s not a easy setup - I can say that I hated it.

Thank god for Seafile.


Still no need to fall over them. We are all on the same water in different boats. Both have their pros and cons.


Well, I did try everything that Nextcloud has as there pro and it was slow.
SMB share could not mount due to a bug that was reported for several months ago.
When I did mount the SMB Share in Ubuntu and added it as external storage (local) the client’s was very slow also a known bug for several months.

The speed was avfoul both trough WebGUI and the different clients.
The client’s did miss some files when it was syncing etc.

Nextcloud feels like it’s in Alpha.

Nextcloud is a very good platform for collaboration. Seafile might be faster for file sync, I agree. But you can not bash on the most popular collaboration software which is fully open source.


I did “bash” on the function that I did mention above, because that’s true.
I don’t know regarding the rest but filesync and file management is nothing that you should relay on nextcloud on.
And I’m even more disappointed as a official “member” of nextcloud did promise that this and that will work better then seafile etc.

So I did put down about 4h to set it up and that time will I never get back.


For what it’s worth, I’ve been using for a few years now both Seafile and Owncloud/Nextcloud for my private and office needs respectively. Both are very good platforms with their pros and cons.

In my experience, Nextcloud is indeed slower at the sync process than Seafile is but it’s not extremely slow either. Its clients have consistently done an excellent job maintaining all files in sync across multiple PCs and users (with a few random glitches as in any platform with that level of innovations over short times) in my various installs at work (an internal platform and temporary, client-facing installs for specific projects). The only times files were deleted, it was due to user errors and the file retention policies have allowed us to restore them easily.

Maybe one of the biggest pros is that Nextcloud offers a level of customization (many apps to suit your needs, theming ‘out of the box’) that makes up for its slower sync clients in a business environment (a consistent image is important in client-facing applications and so are analytics on file access). It also has a rather large and active community that allows you to resolve most issues rapidly.
Obviously, though, if you turn everything on, whether needed or not, you’ll end up with a bloated system that is as slow as can be, but at that point, you’re no longer comparing apples with apples, in my opinion.

My point is, clearly you’ve had a bad experience with the platform, but I think you are overgeneralizing many of your points based on a rather limited sample. In my case, Seafile best suits my personal needs but NC best suits my business’ needs and I think best are great platforms, but with different targets in mind.

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I never have issues with Nextcloud but I constantly run into syncing issues with Seafile. I constantly get “Failed to index files”. I run three systems not counting my server and all of them get these errors. I wish it worked like everyone says but every time I need it to work on my Linux systems it fails me.