Data loss with collaborative edition in Onlyoffice


We have some serious, and frequent data loss when several person edit a file with OnlyOffice. This problem was supposed to be fixed in Seafile 7.0.5, but it’s still happening. The problem seems to be happening only when we enable auto-save in OnlyOffice (autoAssembly).
It happens with both Seafile CE (7.1.5) and Seafile pro (7.1.9), and with latest version of OnlyOffice (6.1.0)

The problem is when a file is already opened by one user, a second user trying to open it will randomly either join the current one, in which case there’s no issue. Or it will start editing a new independant copy of the file (both thinks they are the only one on the file). In which case, the final saved version will be either the one from the first user, or the one from the second, but in either case, there’s data loss.

Disabling autoAssembly in OnlyOffice is hardly an option, as the behaviour without it is to only save when the last user close the tab. Users are used to files being saved regularily.

Anyone else having this kind of issue ?

I have seen quite some Seafile PE + OO systems. I am only aware of 1 (one) where data loss occurs sporadically. It does not seem to be an endemic problem, though I realize this is no consolidation for you.

The integration with online editors is on the roadmap for Seafile 8.0:

Is your OO on the same machine as the Seafile server? Do you have a WAF in your network?

OO is running on a dedicated VM (CentOS 7 or 8). Both Seafile and OO are reached through a nginx rev proxy, but without any advanced filtering configured (already checked there’s no blocking or error on the nginx side). The problem is not always reproducible, but it’s frequent enough to be painful. Users must be super careful to be on the same “view” of the document (by checking the number of editors in the top right corner of OO editor). But this is only possible when they communicate through another channel, like a visio call. Haven’t found yet a clear and simple reproducer.

I could imagine that network latency plays a role. But I cannot offer any concrete advice. Sorry.

We will add more debug information in version 8.0.


We have exactly the same problem with the seafile 7.1.8 pro edition version.
We already contact the Seafile support.
We don’t have a workaround yet, but I can’t imagine to disable the auto-save.