Database error when migrating

I am migrating my seafile server directory to a new drive, but when I start seafile server from the new drive, mysql does not connect to the database and seafile will not start. When migrating, I copied the entire seafile directory to a new partition and remounted at the same mount point as the old partition. Any help would be appreciated.

You are on linux?
Have you check whether the path:

  1. of the seafile-data folder is correct in the “seafile.init” file located in the “ccnet” folder

/home/cloud/seafile-data # <===== right here

  1. If the “seafile-server” file that is in the “init.d” folder is correctly populated

    Change the value of “seafile_dir” to your path of seafile installation

    usually the home directory of $user

    seafile_dir=/home/cloud # <===== right here

  2. Verify your data connection to the database is not false:


  1. Check if the symbolic link “seafile-server-latest” is not broken when copying.

Thanks for your reply.; Yes, I am on Linux I checked the issues you suggested and they seem to be okay.

[edit] I just discovered the problem. My partition that contained /var/log wasn’t mounted. When I mount that, the db error went away.