"Date Created" Changed When Syncing Files

Hello everyone.

I am trying to sync a library to a newly installed Windows Seafile Client 7.0.10.

When I sync the library and download the files, the “Date Created” of the files are all set to the current date, i.e., the date the files are downloaded to the new client. I need the “Date Created” to be the same as on the other client (same as on the Seafile Server). In other words, I need the attributes preserved when synced.

I see that this issue has been reported, but is there any solution?

For clarification, when I sync the library to multiple client, the Date Created on each client is different. Each show the Creation Date as the date the files were synced to that particular client instead of the actual Date Created.

(I’m copying the people on the forum that seem to have experience with this type of issue. @cisco, @CyberCam, @daniel.pan )

Since there haven’t been any responses, I’m refreshing this post. I hope someone will comment as this seems to be an important unresolved issue.