.de, .org, .io?

Thank you for the new forum, but: why another top level domain?`

Situation is already confusing enough! :wink:

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We have only two domains available .com and .io.

It is hard to buy back .org domain. So our plan is to use .io as community web site and .com as the company web site. .de is not in our hand.

Should we use only one .com domain?

Comments are welcome.

Thank for clarification.

In my opinion: absolutely yes!

As I said situation is already confusing enough. Using a third top level domain can look like that there is a “third fork”.
In adition to this I would buy as much top level domains for seafile as I can (seafile.asia, seafile.eu and so on) and link it to seafile.com. That is what I would do to protect a trade mark/name/idea.


I agree with @saljut7. Best would be, when everything is under one domain.
But if this is not possible, the compromise with one separated community domain would be ok. If you properly promote and link the forum on your .com-domain, everything is fine.

But as I can see “https://forum.seafile.com” is working and in my opinion it is a good decision. The function of a forum itself and also the title “Seafile Community Forum” should show the separation from commercial customer support.



forum.seafile.com is ok for me.
.net / .eu still good choice for the website.
IMO, keep the .com for the connexion of cloud storage.

A forum could also boost your SEO index, so it is better to run it under seafile.com, since it’s your main domain. I agree totally with @saljut7 and @Nytrm.

To avoid double content you should make a redirect from forum.seafile.io to forum.seafile.com, so that there is only one site.


Glad to see everything all under one .com umbrella now.

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only one domain please.
The large number of domains is just confusing. Right now it is imho extremely important to set the record straight.