Debian 10 Buster

I wanted to know if we could migrate to Debian Buster 10 Version with Seafile pro edition 7.0.9 ?


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You should use the Ubuntu edition. It’s built on an older version of Debian. So Debian 10 should be backward compatible with it.

Should be? o_O
No tests for Debian from dev/manufacturer side?

How are customers ensured that the product runs stable on their system? Ubuntu server is not a system one uses if the OS needs to be stable.

Can you please update the compatibility information for Seafile on the website on what is tested and what not?
It would also be good to list the required packages based on each distro. Its always a hassle to start searching for compatible packages.
Automated testing can solve a lot and save tons of time once setup properly.



It works. I have Seafile Pro 7.0.9 running in Debian 10.1 (Buster).


Thanks for the feedback. But (paying) customers should be able to expect properly tested and documented software. The documentation lacks a lot of important information and especially a logical structure.


Seafile is tested on Ubuntu which is based on Debian. The only difference is that Debian is bleeding edge and Ubuntu is stable for production use. So Seafile should work with Debian.

Main problem is lack documents on manual installs since the developer is focusing more on the Docker which I think is terrible idea. I don’t like Docker for number of reasons and its a waste of system resources.

I also have OnlyOffice installed and I had terrible time trying to find good documentations to get it to work with Seafile.

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Ehm, what? :slight_smile: It’s the way around and this is also the reason why not to use Ubuntu for production systems.
Many devs out there love Ubuntu because its seems easier to develop (missing deps etc) But it’s a terrible idea to use it for production systems that are considered stable. That’s also what is so frustrating about being told to just use the Ubuntu package and be fine with it. New versions should already be tested and proven working for each distro that is supported (and of course properly documented) This is the least paying customers should be able to expect.

Totally agree with DerDanilo. Ubuntu pushes updates faster then Debian. Debian are much more conservative and sensitive to changes in order to guarantee a safer and smoother upgrade.


Never had issues with Ubuntu since years.
It’s like cars one like BMW other like Mercedes…

If you want to test an update install a Testserver and migrate on it, then inform the forum about the outcome. This I Community and everyone should add value and not always whine and moan about what others should do for them.

All these bad comments about seafile in this forum are becoming somewhat toxic.

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More like one is BMW and the other Dacia.

Now guess whos is who :smiley:

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