Decided to stop using seafile and looking for another alternate :( :(

Dear Community,

We are using seafile and it is really good platform to store data but we facing issue related storage, In my organisation users start uploading video and audio files to seafile server, due to which we are facing storage space issue and we are unable to control them. I requested many times for any workaround to block this audio video extension but I could not get any help from anyone. :frowning: I am requesting with seafile devs Kindly add an option to upload only defined extension files as available in windows file server.

Doing that would solve nothing, as users can simply rename the file to have a different extension.

You need to train your users to not upload video files.


@ziyaul121 arjones85 get the point to 100%
If users want to store data that they are not allowed to store, they will always find a way to do so.
Be it to pack them into archives, rename them or simply encrypt them.
Such abuse can only be limited by strict reporting to the boss and disciplinary action.

@arjones85 -you are so right - even users who can not find the right keys on the keyboard do renaming files even if they should not do that

Use quota to discipline users ?