Default library setup


Is there a way to setup the default library list for new users?
In the moment there is only 1 library “My Library”.
Is there a way to change the default name and may to add additional default libraries?

Thank you

BR, GIno

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There is no such way yet. You have to change the code to achieve it.

ok, thank you for your feedback!

can you tell how can we do it by updating the code?

Hi, you need to add these lines to the file “”, which is in the folder “conf”
‘My Cloud’: [’/Documents’, ‘/Photo’, ‘/Partage’, ‘/Musique’, ‘/Video’]

Pro edition only ,

Enable user select a template when he/she creates library.

When user select a template, Seafile will create folders releated to the pattern automaticly.

Since version 6.0

‘Technology’: [’/Develop/Python’, ‘/Test’],
‘Finance’: [’/Current assets’, ‘/Fixed assets/Computer’]

You need to restart seahub so that your changes take effect.

In this case it will be necessary to wait for the answer of @daniel.pan because I do not have the answer

There is no way to add additional default libraries. But you can change the content of the default library in “System admin-> Libraries -> System Library”

But after that it shows no library created upon creation of a new user.
It is happening because there is no way to modify binaries seahub.db and usermgr.db
So after i delete any user, these databases arent modified. Kindly telll a way to do so


Any news on the subject ?
My need would be to create an empty default library, called with an admin defined name, for every new user.
Is there a way to do so ?
Is there a parameter somewhere where I could set another name to the default library “My Library” ?