Delete- and favorite button in picture preview

This drives me crazy. Scrolling through my picture I see a picture I want to delete. Unfortunately I can’t delete from the preview screen so I have to close it. But now I don’t know which picture it was. The previews are to small to find it. So I have to copy the filename and post it in the detailed view and now I can finally remove the picture.
This is pretty unhandy for deleting several pictures which I like to do for example for my auto uploaded handy pictures. Very often I have a lot of duplicates there. One pic sharp two blurry. It’s currently quite the hassle to delete the correct pics.
Therefor additional buttons in the preview screen would be much appreciated!


I understand your problem and agree that extra buttons in the picture preview would be nice. (I don’t see it as a high priority feature in the grander scheme of things, though.)

Do you use the grid view? I am pointing this out because I would argue that the grid view is great for most cases when all you want is to quickly delete some images you don’t need any more.

I get that the grid view is probably not what you need for your special use case. I guess you cannot tell the “a-little-out-off-focus” pic from the good one based on their thumbnails. But maybe worth a try.



I have already asked for this feature long time ago.
Imo, it’s appear a basic feature for the management of pictures


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Kind reminder.

Thank you.