Delete Folder/File which is shared after X days

Sometimes I share files they should be only available X days and then they can be delete. It would be helpful if there is option that after X days the files will be automatically delete by system.

The features exists - in Seafile Professional Edition:

Thank you Ralf. I’ am poor, I use the community edition. Of course I will review the pro edition in detail…

The Pro Edition can be used with up to 3 users free of charge. The 9-user license is a mere 99$. You don’t have to be rich to use Seafile Professional.

Can you please mark this topic as solved?

I just install the Pro Edition in test environment. I don’t see the “Auto delection” option into tab menu. Is there special plugin or configuration needed? I use latest version of seafile pro.

Thank you


What do you mean by “tab menu”? It’s in the advanced options for the library. In other words, go to your library, move the mouse onto the library name and click on the arrow icon on the far right.


enabled = true
interval = 86400

Thank you for the right solution to enable the auto deletion feature. The auto deletion is limited to the library. My thought was to have the feature to files and folders similar as the add password to files or available X days in the share function. Maybe I like also to have the feature after X downloads its not possible to download anymore…