Delete via cloud file browser does not appear in trash

I deleted a folder via the cloud file browser, and it does not appear in trash (not on my system and not on the web interface).

How do I recover the folder, and why is this happening?

Deleting a file with cloud file browser directly applies on the server, so the deleted file won’t be in your client computer’s trash. For the library trash on web, have you check the entire list of deleted items in the trash? If you deleted the file a while ago, you may need to click “more” on the bottom.

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I just deleted it 30 seconds earlier. I actually though I had the files listed in the seafile-ignore.txt (because I track them with git) which is why I was surprised to find them tracked in the first place (but turns out I was wrongly using the absolute path in the ignore file). Therefore i decided to just remove that folder via the cloud file browser, but immediately my IDE went crazy that the files were missing (also locally!). Of course my Git repo was in the same folder… and it was nowhere to be found, also not under the “more” tab on the web.

Strange, but when i tried to recreate the problem it didn’t work. Now everything shows up nicely. Must have been a very rare bug or just something else I guess :frowning: