Deleted files appear again


I have this issue that some files (always the same) appear again even though I delete them. I deleted them using macOS Finder with the Seafile client, seaf-cli or the web interface. They are always removed from all clients then. A couple of days later they are laying in the exact same location. I had this before with some other files which I could solve using seaf-cli only. It doesn’t work now. Other files in that directory are not not affected by this issue.

I already ran a fsck and gc after deleting the files. I did not clear the trash though.

Seafile Community Edition 9.0.6 in docker environment.
I had this issue for month now, at least in version 9.0.5.

I this a known issue? Are there any logs I can check? How can I solve this?


You can check the library history to see which client re-created the deleted files. You can check the log from that client to see what happened at the moment the files are re-uploaded.

A possible cause for this is mentioned in FAQ: Seafile FAQ & Known-Issues


After I created this post I deleted the files again, cleared all the history for the library and ran gc to get the files purged from my server.

The iPhone client created the files again when I entered the directory via the app. The web interface says “API” though but I could see the progress bar on the iphone when the files where uploaded.

How can I check the logs from the iPhone client?

What’s the file type? The iphone client doesn’t upload files except for manually chosen or photo auto upload.

That were both pdf files with a lot of pages. I think I downloaded them via iOS safari and uploaded them to my seafile via the files integration. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this behaviour.