Deleted Folder appear again

Hi Guys,

sometimes when i delete a folder it just appears again. i have it synced with other computers too. Does any body know why? and how to fix that behaviour.

I use Seafile Pro 6.1.8

Are you using SeaDrive client?

The problem appears even when we are not using the seadrive client.
And you are not the only one having the problem…
There is an opened thread on the subject :

However, there is no answer at this time… :cry:

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We experience that behaviour for multiple users! But I couldn’t find out so far what they have in common! Because gladly only a minor group of people report such issues! some use Seadrive / Seafile Client combination, some only Sync-Client. Maybe this issue is also related to the fact if i rename a folder, the “old” folder also appears some times with the old name again!

It’s happening when only one user have SeaDrive. Force users to upgrade to 0.8.3 It will minimally slow this issues. We did it and it stopped creating it every hour and only sometimes this happend

Thanks for the hint, this works as a workaround, a fix from would be highly appreciated though :slight_smile:

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There are a few know causes currently:

  1. SeaDrive under version 0.8.2 did not correctly delete deleted folder in the server.
  2. Seafile Mac client under version 6.1.2 does not correctly delete deleted folder in the server.
  3. Sometimes on the second computer that sync the changes to local machine, if there are temporary files like “” generated by the Word or Excel in the folder, the folder will not be correctly deleted after sync. This will be fixed in the next release.