Deleted folder in a Shared with All library being re-created by SeaDrive

  • Environment:
  • Server: Professional Edition v. 7.1.6
  • Client: SeaDrive v. 2.0.13
  • Platform: Windows

Situation: A few days ago a huge folder in a “Shared with All” Library (Read Only) has been removed using the web interface on purpose. However, it keeps showing up in some Windows computers using the SeaDrive client. The library/directories/files, which are obviously “ghosts” and not accessible. The Folder contained about 300.000 file for a total amount of more than 250 GB of space occupied. Looks like a SeaDrive client (having RW access) is recreating that folder and uploading files.

Question: How long will this “ghosts” keeps showing up and why?

Hi Dario,
thanks for the good but report.
I agree with your hypothesis: A (rogue) client probably recreates the library.
If this hypothesis is correct, the only answer to your question must be: As long as you don’t address the problem at the troublemaking client. Unfortunately, the problems will most likely not disappear automatically.
Here is what you can do: Check the library history for the client that (re)created the library. Give this client a thorough check:
a.) Is the computer time correct
b.) is the operating system up-to-date
c.) is the client up-to-date
d.) does the system run any special antivirus or backup software
e.) is the file format the drive client writes to NTFS (for Windows), ext3/4 for Linux and the default file format format for MacOS
f.) what does the log of the client say

With this info, we can start getting to the root cause of the problem.

You can check the library change history to find out which client recreated the folder. This is the first step to find out the cause of this issue.

I remember that some older version of 1.x seadrive cient can cause this issue. But we haven’t received any similar reports for 2.x seadrive clients.

from the history we get only these entries:

(bonus report: the Upload image feature does NOT work in this forum - permission denied error)

AS you can see, the “PLC” folder was removed from a “shared to all” library (RO) by Roberto on March 29.
All other entries were due to seadrive 2.0.X clients on windows.
That PLC directory was previously shared to a group of accounts as a library (RW), before being deleted.
However, from the displayed history, only Massimo and Christian (and, of course, Roberto) had RW access to that area. All the others only had RO access - however, SeaDrive attempted to (or even DID) re-create the PLC folder.

@Ivan_Andrian The unnamed operations are No-ops so they can be ignored. Can you send me the seadrive.log from Stefano’s seadrive client?


Thanks for the logs. However the relevant logs has been deleted. Does the re-uploading still happen by now? If so you can send the logs from the client which recreates the folder.

When the folder was recreated, are all the files under it kept intact? Or some of them have been removed?