Deleted folders and no directory structure after upload folders. BUG?


My config/system:

  • Seafile CE on Raspberry Pi 3 (6.2.5)

My issue:
With the SyncClient (Seafile Client 6.1.8) on Win 7, Ubuntu and Debian it is not possible to upload a folder with files or subfolders with correct tree structure.

Example Upload:

  • “FolderA1” with “FileA1” and Subfolder “FolderA2” with “FileA2”
  • “FolderB1” with “FileB1” and “FileB11”



After Upload:

After Upload all files are at the same level (same Folder) without the original Folders.
It is not possible to keep the directory structure.

It’s a bug in version 6.1.8? :thinking:

Tank you and best Regards!

It’s a Pro-Feature?

Same by me, but I think that’s normal. You should sync and unsync.

I’m at 6.1.8 with a Windows 10 client and also the Linux client on a laptop. I have not observed the behavior. I’m using Debian 9, Nginx (latest), and Seafile Server 6.2.5.

Thank you very much for your fast replies. :+1:

With sync and unsync after full upload, it seems to work.

Even with Windows 10 and at 6.1.8 i cannot upload Folders.
When i upload a Folder (with subfolders) via option or drag&drop it seems to work, but after refresh or click on the Folder it disapears. Only the FIles are uploaded at same directory level. :thinking:

I hope sync and unsync with the Client works for me to upload my whole DSLR-Pictures from an external HDD.

  • With HTML-Frontend (seahub) ist possible and fast, but not stable. When i get an error in the transfer of many files, its difficult to find which files need to be reuploaded.

  • With WebDav (seafdav) its possible to upload files with FileZilla or WinSCP, but it is very slow and the timeouts very high.

  • With the Client (SeaDrive) its possible, but it stores the files on PC before uploading it.

sorry for my bad language - I’m a german

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I took a look on the seafile API. The API can’t upload paths, so it’s not possible.

Thank you @bionade24 !

This is very disappointing (I wonder why this is not implemented - because the function for uploading directorie-paths is possible with sync).

Now i use sync & unsync to upload my files =(

How can it work for you @wthess?

Maybe the procedure I’m using is different? I’m not certain. When I drag and drop to the client… No problem. When I drag and drop to the webui, no problem.