Deleting an encrypted library

Hi all, noob here. I’m really sorry if this is a duplicate question but I couldn’t find an answer in the archives. How do I delete an encrypted library that was created via the web interface? Currently, when I click on the trash icon on the same line as the name of the library in the web interface, I get the “Delete Library” notice with the are you sure you want to “yes/no”. If I click “yes” simply nothing happens - whether once or multiple times.

I have the desktop client installed and I’ve synced the library locally, then tried unsyncing it and then trying to delete from the server but no luck.

I’d most appreciate if someone could point me in the direction of a solution. Thanks.

P.S. It appears I can’t delete an unencrypted library either. I wonder if I’m failing to grasp something really basic.

UPDATE 1: I changed the webserver from Nginx to Apache and everything is fine now. It was my preference in advance to use Nginx because of the supposed speed gains etc. but I have to say, in multiple situations, I’ve found Apache just works whereas the config of Nginx is often a more delicate affair. Obviously that’s a totally subjective comment. Still I’m excited now to get Seafile fully running!

Could it be the case that it actuall got deleted but your browser was just showing some local cache of the page?
I’ve just reorganized and deleted an older encrypted library via seahub which is also running on nginx and works like charm. :slight_smile: