Department input in registration form

I recently upgrade my Seafile Server from 6.2.2 to 7.0.5.
In 6.2.2 (but also in 6.3.1 because I have another server with this version) in registration form we had an optional input named “Department”

And in 7.0.5 version this input is no more available.
Why ?
Is there an option to display it ?

Thanks a lot

I guess you are talking about this field (see red circle in screenshot)?
This field was removed when group-owned libraries were introduced in Seafile 6.3. Groups owning libraries are called departments. To avoid this collision, the field in the user settings was removed.

My mistake, it wasn’t in registration form but creation form, and yes I guess it’s the same that you mention.

I also reach the conclusion that the field was remove with new group shared libraries.
We use it but we will find an another way to get this information for our users.

Thanks a lot

Sure! Please mark as solved.