Deploy behind Apache?

I set up a personal Seafile server running on a Windows box using this guide:

I’ve had it limited to my internal network only but now wish to access it remotely. I found this guide:

One of the things mentioned is “If you do not deployed Seafile behind Apache/Nginx you need to configure port forward for all the components listed below. (not recomended!)”

Following the Windows guide there was no mention of Apache. Do I have to start all over or is it possible to move my existing Seafile Server instance behind Apache? The files I have in there don’t contain anything super personal like banking info, but still I would like to keep them secure. If it’s not easy to migrate without starting over, is it a big deal to not use Apache?


If you use the client with encrypted libaries, there will be a E2E encryption. I think Apache as reverse proxy on Windows could be possible, the config of apache should be the same, but I don’t know that the Windows Server can handle a reverse proxy.

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I run Seafile on a dedicated server behind an apache proxy.

I published some notes how I had to configure the proxy and which Seafile settings I had to change:

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Thank you both for the input. I’ll do some reading and see what I can do.

Interesting article. I’ve had “setting up SSL” for a long time in my to do list, and this seems to be quite a straight-forward solution. In my case as I am running Seafile on UbuntuServer, I’m thinking of setting up an instance of Apache publicly accepting connections and then forwarding HTTP on a locally open port of Seafile, not to expose Seafile externally.