Deploy on non-root and Desktop Client

I have installed seafile and upgraded to the pro-edition for < 3 user (beta 6.0.1)
i want to deploy it in a subdir, eg.
i have installed it behind apache. so i configured all the rewrites/proxying in apache.

i can login with the webclient, have the following config settings:

  • ccnet.conf: SERVICE_URL =
    MEDIA_URL = ‘/cloud/media/’
    STATIC_URL = MEDIA_URL + ‘assets/’
    SITE_ROOT = ‘/cloud/’
    LOGIN_URL = ‘/cloud/accounts/login/’ # NOTE: since version 5.0.4

i can see /cloud as directory. but when i use the desktop-client i see connects to seafhttp. according to the docs/wiki seafhttp is hardcoded in the client. please make it configurable or respect the FILE_SERVER_ROOT setting. i want to “hide” the seafhttp-links and have a clean setup in /cloud

or do I miss something?



Hi Markus,

did you enter your full URL ( into the server adress field of the client login?


yes. I can use the client. that is not the problem.
my problem is, that i have to configure /seafhttp in apache to proxy those requests. i want to hide the seafhttp at all and have example /cloudhttp instead.

Ok, so this is a feature request for the client, right?

yes this is a feature request :slight_smile: