Desktop client doesn't sync updated permissions

I’m using the paid Seafile Professional Edition. I have a library called “Data” and the permissions are as follows:

  1. Staff: Read
  2. TeamA: Admin

TeamA and TeamB are subsets of Staff and the latter is an LDAP group for everyone in the organisation. The folder is synced to my desktop (I am in Team B) but now I realise that my team needs Read-Write perms. I add the following permission:

  1. TeamB: Read-Write

I tell the desktop client to Sync now and Resync this library but the folder is still labelled Read-only. I proceed to unsync the library and sync to an existing folder. This time the permissions are correct.

Is this the expected behaviour? It sounds impractical to have to do it this way just to update the Library’s permissions.

Also, I noticed that resyncing a library after subtracting permissions does update the perms correctly on the desktop side. Only granting permissions results in this outcome.