Desync library when server fails

Long story short, I upgraded my server’s OS, my ancient seafile server install decided it didn’t like the python changes, so I decided to just start over with the seafile docker image. I’ve got all the libraries imported into the server, but on my windows client, I can’t sync with existing folders because the client thinks they’re synced with another library. On my linux boxes I just did a “seaf-cli desync” for each directory, but I can’t find a seaf-cli for windows, and the gui client doesn’t seem to have this functionality. Any ideas what I should do now?

I still don’t know what the right solution is to this problem, but what I finally did was uninstall the client (I was on 7.07 at the time), and select the option to remove account information along with uninstalling. I then installed a newer version of the client (8.08), but the account information was still there, so I uninstalled again, and reinstalled, and finally, was presented with a clean slate. At this point, I could recreate my seafile accounts, and attach my libraries to existing folders, and everything synced up and is working now. It was sure a lot easier on my linux clients where I could just do a “seaf-cli desync” for the directories I needed to update.

if you delete .ccnet and seafile-data directories you got this clean state too.

Where are these directories stored on windows? They’re easy to find on linux, but there’s also the “desync” capability of seaf-cli on linux, which makes it unnecessary to wipe out the entire config there. On Windows, I searched and searched for something equivalent, and was unable to find it.

If you did not specify a different location during installation, then actually in the home directory of the user.
Probably you have hidden folders that start with a dot in the file explorer and therefore did not see the folder?