Different Files - Outdated Repo

we have the following problem. We have a main user who has shared folders with different purposes. Unfortunately, the main user sees different data than the other.

After a long search, I found the script repair-repo.sh.

This also shows me 26 errors.

Unfortunately, this script no longer runs or does not run on the CE.

Here is one of the error:
2024-06-10 23:36:53,295 The root of base commit 1e6a2c51abc7d61ba1346cc21f91850b0b842dab in repo efdc666c-1eeb-480c-b0ff-fb874b1249d6 is corrupt, the origin repo is 1ea1059c-ad34-44e9-ac13-0bf8b0a97dae, the path is /XShell, the repo name is XShell and the repo owner is XXXXX, need to remerge the virtual repo
seaf-server: invalid option – ‘r’

I have make a echo from the Command:

seaf-server -F /opt/seafile/conf -d /opt/seafile/seafile-data -l - -f -r efdc666c-1eeb-480c-b0ff-fb874b1249d6

Can me help anyone?


Best Regards

No Idea? :frowning:

You should upgrade to 11.0.9, which provides the -r option.