Different folder content on SeaDrive and Seafile web


I don’t get how it happens, so here is a quick description :

User alerts me because SeaDrive and Seafile don’t show the same content of a folder.

  • SeaDrive show much more files than web interface.
  • Files that appears in Explorer but not on Seafile web can’t be open via Explorer.
  • Files creates by the user are available.

The first thing I’ve done, without thinking, was disconnect/reconnect seadrive to force re-indexing. No result, always different content in Explorer and Seafile web interface.

Then I check the version of SeaDrive, 2.0.21, so I update to 2.23. No effects.

Then, I disconnected/reconnected seadrive 2.0.23 to force re-indexing. Still no effects.

Finaly I decided to remove the account, quit SeaDrive, remove seadrive_root folder, reboot, and reconnect the user account. Nice, problem solve for the user.

After searching in the library’s history, I have seen that the faulty folder was moved, the user didn’t know that as the whole old directory was still present on his explorer. He continued to work on the old path as usual.

SeaDrive should have updated the faulty directory listing when I disconnected/reconnected the account.

What happens that create this situation ?

I’ve got SeaDrive logs and screenshots to help investigation.

This should be caused by the following sequence:

  1. The user logout of the account from SeaDrive.
  2. The folder was removed from the library on the server.
  3. The user log in again.

In such situations the removed folder will not be removed from the local cache of SeaDrive. This is a currently known limitation on SeaDrive. Such case is not handled since we want to avoid scanning the entire cache folder on restart. Sometime when you have tons of files, it can take a lot of time an resources.

can this case also occur if you start seadrive only once every few weeks, for example?

In my opinion, when you login again, the entire library should be rescanned.
Since it is quite likely that folders were removed during this time, especially with a larger number of users.

You could add an option to disable scanning after logout.
But by default this should be active

It seems to happen way more often that my users can tolerate.

And that explain why my always moving users are more subject to this problem.

I’m joining encryptomator’s opinion, SeaDrive should assure coherence between cache and the server each time it starts, or when (re)connecting the account.

Having to wait few minutes (5 minutes in our case) at restart is way less troubles than having to manually clear the cache or removes files and folders.

Or at least, add an option on SeaDrive to force the cache scan. I believed I remember that this option existed on older SeaDrive version.

Scanning whole libraries at every restart might lead to long waiting times, especially for large libraries.
Is it not possible to re-scan the folders in which there have been changes?
This should be easy to determine on the basis of e.g. the activities?