Different statistics

So, I am comparing statistics of one folder in one library between web GUI and SeaDrive.

  1. On web GUI:
  • it shows 312 folders and 2247 files. The total is 2549 objects.
  • the size is 2.4GB.
  1. On SeaDrive 0.85 on Mac High Sierra 10.13.3
  • There are 2540 objects with the size of 2.58GB.

So, the number of files and folders is 9 difference and the size is 0.18GB difference.

The question is obvious: Why there are that differences? How to make sure that all files and folders are sync’ed correctly?


Thanks for answering. That can explain the size. However, there is also a difference about the number of objects (files and folders). How can I make sure that all files and folders are synced correctly? If not, how to find out which one is missing?

This would be a difference of 9 objects. These may come from your OS and aren’t counted / shown with windows explorer but are uploaded to the cloud. Since the cloud contains more objects than local i wouldn’t worry about that.

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Thanks for the explanation, Marcus.
I assumed the MB/GB is not difficult for fixing, but it seems existing for a while without fixing?