Direct http link to share videos on Big Blue Button

I am trying to stream videos from seafile to Big Blue Button. BBB supports direct links like this one:<some-ID>/<filename>.mp4

Unfortunately the share-links presented will only lead to a site with an integrated player which BBB does not recognize. Would it be possible to spit out this kind of direct link from seafile, so that they don’t have to scrape it from the html sourcecode?


It is possible by sharing the file using a share link and appending ?dl=1 or ?raw=1

Hi shoeper,
adding ?raw=1 to the initial sharing link will redirect to the correct link. Thanks! So it might be easier for some to create the seafhttp link this way instead of scraping through the website source. But still big blue button won’t accept it.

Then they do not follow redirects or have some badly designed content type filter. You can try to append #.mp4 if that’s the case.