Directory not removed from sync


I have a little problem. Then I’m removing a directory with files in it from the shell with “rm -rf directory” the files are removed in the sync but not the directory. On the local filesystem all things are fine and the directory is removed.

This will not happen then I’m removing the directory with the osx finder.

So any idea whats the problem?

kindly regards

What OS do you use? Do you mean the directory doesn’t get deleted on the server? Could you check the change history of the library on the web interface?

OS is: OSX Yosemite 10.10.5.

Yes the directory stays on the server.

In the history I see can see then I’m creating the directory. After this it recognized my test file in the directory.
After “rm -rf directory” an information about the deletion of the test file is added. No information about removing the directory.

Anything new about this problem?

Without a fix I can’t order cloud storage from