Disable autoupdate of seafile client during deployment


I deploy the windows version of the client in our company network. Is it possible to disable the autoupdate function during the deployment?
When I disable the function in the GUI the key “HKU\Software\Seafile\Seafile Client\WinSparkle\CheckForUpdates” with the value “0” is written in the registry. So I deployed the client with a script, that inserts the key and value for each user in the registry. But after first start the client overwrites the value with “1” and the update function is active again.


It is not possible to disable the auotupdate function currently. We will add such a feature later.


I tested a little bit more.
If I set “SparkleAlreadyEnableUpdateByDefault” under “HKU\Software\Seafile\Seafile Client\Misc” to “true” during deployment, the “CheckForUpdates” value is not reseted during first configuration. All is fine.