Disable or delete download link

Hello Forum,

is there any way of managing download links which I have generated and shared?

I’d like to see all currently generated and active download links for a specific folder and MOST IMPORTANTLY be able to disable or delete them.

Where this would be done I don’t mind so much (android client, windows client, cloud viewer).

Current Windows client is 6.0.7.


On Seahub (aka cloud viewer as you named it) on the left navigation is menu item Links.

Thank you for the fast response.

I see that option and it does take me to the view of download links and upload links, so in principal it’s exactly what I was looking for. However I do not see any links created and shared by myself. Does this view only show links created by users with full admin rights? Or is there another reason I do not see the links that I created and shared?

If you don’t see it, they are doesn’t exists. For sure, did you look down of the page? There can be pagination cause many share links. If you are Admin you can try same option in system admin panel.

Note that you can only see those created by yourself.

To see them all one needs to have direct database access afaik.


just to keep you posted: after a couple of tests also including participation of someone with full admin rights I managed to replicate the intended and expected behavior: creating download links via Seahub or the Seafile file browser caused them to be listed under the ‘links’ section with the option of deleting them.

This did not happen during my original activities though, which caused me to raise this topic in the forum.

We did delete a bunch of outdated links (using the admin account access, 15 links or so) before the tests with new links.

From my point of view there was something unintended going on, preventing my original links not to get listed but now it seems to work.