Disable plain-text HTTP on WebDAV


is there a way to disable plain-text connections to the WebDAV server? I have enabled it and everything seems to connect nicely and work over HTTPS, but I noticed users can still sign in via HTTP. Is there a way to disable HTTP auth / connection completely for WebDAV? I’d rather force my users to use HTTPS than just telling them to do so. Without explicitly adding “https://” in front of my URL at least my browser defaults to HTTP. Most of my users will not specify the protocol, they will just type in the domain and land on the unecrypted HTTP login.

Seafile 6.3.4
Debian Stretch
Apache 2.4.25 (plus ISPConfig)
SSL via Let’s Encrypt

Thanks in advance.

You can redirect HTTP URLs to HTTPS protocol using Apache configs.



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Thanks, that worked. For ISPConfig users its even simpler - just tick “Rewrite HTTP to HTTPS” in Site Settings / Redirect. I don’t know how I missed that.