DISABLE_SYNC_WITH_ANY_FOLDER Not working as I expected

Hi, I Turn this option on in the admin settings DISABLE_SYNC_WITH_ANY_FOLDER.

We use the Pro server version.

On the clients I expect them to still be able to share or sync the folders that they create in the Default Seafile folder.

But as soon as I enable this option then the drop files or browse for files option in the client dissapears.

I create new file in the seafile folder but can’t see any option to sync that folder or to drag it onto the seafile client to share it.

Can someone help me on how do I get the new folders (libraries) that I create in the seafile folder to sync ?

I don’t want folders everywhere on the pc to be synced but just from the seafile folder, this way we know if we need to backup a pc or any other related tasks on the pc just the seafile folder will be the most important on every pc.

As far as i know, this is how the feature works.