Disable two-factor authentication (2FA) for admin user

Hi there,

I have two-factor authentication enabled for an admin user. For whatever reason (still troubleshooting), I am unable to log in to the Seahub web UI now. I enter my 2FA code and get kicked back to the login screen. I don’t think it’s a time sync issue, as NTP is and always was installed, with time synced correctly.

Regardless, is there a way to manually remove 2FA from a user? Even if this involves a database update, I’m happy to do it.

Many thanks.

If you have another Admin you can disalbe 2FA with this User. Otherwise you would have to change it manually in the Database.

Hey @marcusm. I’m afraid I don’t have any other admin users on the system. Are you aware of what I should alter/drop in the database? Thanks!

Sorry i don’t know the table but if you take a look at the database it should be easy to find. Don’t drop the table, just change the content.

Maybe it’s more easy to create a new admin / reset the current one (reset-admin.sh) inside your installation folder. Don’t know if this helps.