Do I need "&" at the end of the cli command?

I want to sync my local folder with the remote library. Do I have to run the following command in the background with “nohup” or “&”? Or the following command is sufficient to sync to folder.

seaf-cli init -d ~/seafile-client
seaf-cli start
seaf-cli sync -l 0536c006-8a43-449e-8718-39f12111620d -s -d /tmp -u

My second question is: Is there a sync interval parameter I need to set?

  1. No sync automatically jump into background
  2. No there’s not interval parameter. You can setup it over CRON. you can start sync and stop sync over it. But I didn’t try then. So maybe you can stop daemon by seaf-cli stop and start by seaf-cli start -c /config/dir, but you have to try that