Do not store local copies of libraries


Is it possible to use seafile as a temporarily cache of a library? When I log in, I can access the library items as regular files and sync changes back the sever. When I log out, all the local copies are remove including caches. The reason I am asking is I don’t want my sensitive information to be store in anyway on the local comupters when I log out. Thank you.


Seafile is an Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) solution. It is not a network drive - it seems this is what you are looking for. Neither the Sync nor the Drive client provide a function that purge your local Seafile folder.

But: With a little extra work, you can use Seafile as a file server substitute with a little extra effort using the Drive client.

The Drive client caches any file downloaded from the Seafile server. You can, however, purge the local cache. Navigate to the folder in which Seafile has cached files. Open the context menu of your file manager and choose “do not keep on this device”. All local copies of the files are then removed and Seafile retains only the server-side copy.

Thank you for your help. I can’t get the SeaDrive client working. I am able to get it semi-working with Seafile client. I set the library to a group with “Online Read-Write”. I will get “No permission to sync this folder” in the Seafile client. Instead, I will get the Cloud File Browser and able to edit/open the files. After it is done, it will sync back to the Seafile server. I wonder if there is a better condition to use Seafile as a network drive. Thank you very much.

The “online read-write” permission’s purpose is exactly to prevent users from downloading files to their computers. So no wonder you get a “no permisson to sync this folder” in the sync client. I would be concerned if you managed to download.

What’s your problem with the SeaDrive client. If you don’t provide any details on the observed behavior, we cannot help you. Just a general tipp: If you don’t get SeaDrive 1.0 to work, try SeaDrive 2.0 and vice verse.