Docker cluster question

I’m just in the process of moving our seafile cluster from the CentOS versions to docker. I don’t quite understand what is written on the “Seafile Docker Cluster Deployment” manual page. There you have to configure several frontend nodes and one backend node. This is defined by the environment variable CLUSTER_MODE in the docker-compose.yml file (CLUSTER_MODE=frontend or CLUSTER_MODE=backend). Is this really necessary?
Wouldn’t it be possible to set up three identical nodes with the entry

enabled = true

in seafile.conf, with each node running seafile and seahub? Then I could use the same configuration as on our actual seafile cluster.


We will analyze the problem and give you a response in the next week.

The CLUSTER_MODE is used to automatically start the service after the container is started, without having to enter the container to manually start the service.
If not configured, the default is to start in frontend mode.