Docker Image issues: Seafile Pro 6.2.4 web portal not loading

I recently upgraded to 6.2.4 accidentally (are there seriously no Docker images besides “:latest”?) and, while syncing is still working fine, the web interface stopped loading. After the login screen, I’d get a never-ending loading spinner.

The Chrome console revealed the following error, among others:
require.js:1903 GET 404 ()

I did some tinkering and found this issue on the forum that seems to be related. Looks like the folder /opt/seafile/seafile-server-latest/seahub/media/assets/scripts/app is missing for whatever reason.

The solution on that forum was to copy it from /opt/seafile/seafile-pro-server-6.3.2/seahub/media/assets/scripts, which of course doesn’t exist within the Docker image. Still, I managed to get my web interface at least working to some degree by running this command within the Docker container:
cp -R /opt/seafile/seafile-server-latest/seahub/static/scripts/app /opt/seafile/seafile-server-latest/seahub/media/assets/scripts

However, some things are still not working right. For example, avatar images aren’t showing up at all. Also, that’s a terrible long-term solution since it has to be re-done any time the image is pulled.

Am I right in thinking we need a fixed Docker image, or did I somehow skip a step between pulling the image and running it?