Docker image seafile-pro-mc not tagged with 7.0.14

There is no image tagged 7.0.14 (seafile-pro-mc:7.0.14)
Please tag the manifest.

It will be updated before the end of this month.

@daniel.pan, is there a reason why there is no image ready for it?

Please give us more time. We have one staff working on Docker related things.

The list is

  • Build 7.1 CE edition binary package using docker (done)
  • Build 7.1 pro edition binary package using docker (done)
  • Release 7.1 CE docker image (almost done)
  • Release 7.1 Pro docker image

We believe that 7.0 pro docker image is no longer needed provided that 7.1 pro docker is ready.

What about 7.0.16?
I am not entirely happy to move my prod to 7.1 as long as it is still beta…