Docker install is a mess, DB enviroment variable for password/user missing

Hello Seafile documentation team,

i am installing seafile with docker in community version with the tag latest ( which is 7.1.4 as of 27th september 2020) I get directly to the point:

Can you please document all docker variables to use your docker image? Database usernames and hosts are not documented or lacking in the docker image.

As it is bad practice and prone to data loss, you should not host your DBMS within a docker container, especially in swarm environments. Therefore an external DBMS must be used outside a container. Your docker image does not container any means of configuring such a database by enviroment variables passed to the container. This sheds bad light onto the company because who would place the storage layer in a container? (Especially for a company evolving around storage of data, this is kills the reputation fast)


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Have you read the documentation on using the docker image? Did you notice that there is a docker-compose.yml?


yes i read it, yes there is a docker compose file in the code blocks directly in the wiki. i used those code blocks but all i could find was the root password. ( in your wiki/seafile at docker/docker-compose.yml)

  - DB_HOST=db
  - DB_ROOT_PASSWD=db_dev

so i was looking for environment variables like:
DB_ROOT_USER= // i need this because the account for granting other uses is called “dbadmin” but you default to “root”

maybe, if such options are supported in the docker image it would be greate to place them in the compose file as comments

i also edited the compose file and removed maridb because i host it separately where all my other databases and files reside in my home SAN


Hi again,

made the effort to install it to a libvirt/qemu VM because the database issue did not seem resolvable within the docker container.
After syncing 218 GB the windows client stopped, web UI showed 0 bytes. Right now the Windows client won’t even connect anymore. After using the i only get the webpage:

Page unavailable

Sorry, but the requested page is unavailable due to a server hiccup.

Our engineers have been notified, so check back later.

While this is plain wrong, no one is working here at home on this topic besides myself, i think it is time to
move on. Gave it a try again but i think for my setup i won’t use seafile if even the initial setup is such a pain. I am sorry to tell you but i felt like seafile 6 was more stable in the past when i tried it. Maybe i stop by for the next release again.