Docker Seafile 11 Seafdav (Webdav) upload issue: file is to big


i have faced an issue with Seafile webdav (Seafdav) when i use Seafile Version 11 after upgrade.
The issue is the follow:

In Windows file explorer i have successful a Webdav drive over https to the Seafile server. So seafdav is enabled, we can see all folders. When i upload some files like pdf or simple text files i get a error “…file is to big…” and i have 0 Bytes files in the folder.

When i downgrade to Seafile Version 10 again no problems at all. Everything works fine then.
We use Sefafile docker community.

Does anyone have a hint what could be the reason?

regards :slight_smile:

Hello, we can reproduce this issue on our side, we will try to fix it next week.

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Sounds good, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @lian

any news on this? The fix is not yet public available


Hello @lian

do you have any news on this? We cannot use Seafile Webdav 11 because of this issue.
When will that problem be fixed?


Sorry for late reply.

We will check this issue now.